Georgina & David // Glencoe Elopement Photographer

Georgina & David // Glencoe Elopement Photographer

Wanderlust - a strong desire to travel. I would say that this sums up where I am in my life right now. When an opportunity to travel arises, I grab at it with both hands. I love the sense of adventure and being in the outdoors, muddy boots, numb toes, cold hands - I love it!

Katya & Paul // London Wedding Photographer

Okay...where do we start with these two!? Two people from different parts of the world coming together and forming one. Katya from Latvia, and Paul from France; together they seem so genuine and have hearts of pure gold.

Before they tie the knot we spent the day getting lost, sharing those good moments and of course laughing! #fromrussiawithlove

Holly & Dan

Okay...where do I even start with these two?! Laughs, memories, adventures in the forest and more laughs. Trekking through the forest whilst reminiscing and documenting makes for a perfect afternoon, yup it was that good! 

Being with these two confirmed so many things for me...one of which I need more people like them around me.