I’m all about the story. Learning about you and your partners journey, reliving all of those precious moments that’s ultimately led up to your big day.

Getting an insight into who you are allows us to build that connection, that connection that leads to trust. I want to be able to document your wedding day in a way that represents who you both are, no interference, no working to a script, just you.



01. About Me

HELLO. HOLA! BONJOUR. CIAO. I’m Jonathan, I’m an Creative Wedding Photographer based out of London. I’ve been capturing wild hearts for the best part of 3 years now and I’ve loved every single moment of it. 

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02. Gallery

A place where you can view a selection of engagement sessions and weddings with all the goodness. Take a peek! If you like what you've seen I'd love to hear from you!

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03. Contact

Come and say Hey! I like to think that trust isn’t built in seconds but its built on honest open communication. I’ve told you about myself now I want to know about you! Your vision, plans for the day and all the goodness in-between!

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