Charlotte & Albert // Hoxton Docks Wedding // New Years Eve London Wedding

Hoxton Docks Wedding //

Charlotte & Albert...where do I even start with these guys? First off they named their wedding 'Love Fest'...I think that sums up this whole day!

It's new years eve, people are lacing up their dancing shoes and getting ready to see in the new year with all there friends and love ones. This was one of those days however Charlotte & Albert were going to be seeing in the new year as husband & wife.

They tied the knot at Hoxton Docks, an epic gallery which they converted into 'their love space'. Sipping on mulled wine, friends and family sat onlooking whilst vows were exchanged and their love took centre stage.

It was such a good way to see in the new year!


Wedding Planner - Cliona

Flowers - The Flower Picker

Stationary - Lamplighterlondon

Catering - teasemelondon - Classic Crokery 


Jonathan Ellis

Wedding & Elopement Photographer