HELLO. HOLA! BONJOUR. CIAO. I’m Jonathan and I’m an Creative London Wedding Photographer based out of London. I’ve been capturing wild hearts for the best part of 3 years now and I’ve loved every single moment of it. I’ve been fortunate enough to document people and their loved ones all of over the world including; Scotland, Wales, Spain & Jamaica. Along the way I’ve met some incredible individuals that have shown me things I never thought I’d experience, and for that I’m thankful.

Here are the main things you need to know about me - Kind of like a get to know me tag

- Im a lover of Jesus and without Him I am nothing - Matthew 22:37

I hate the sound of shrink wrap being squeezed

- I love a good Coffee

- I have a really bad habit of pulling hair out of my beard

- I love travelling & the outdoors

- I’ve been trying to learn Spanish..since forever!

- Corona’s are my best friend

- Fast & Furious gives me life!



Some lovely word from epic people!

Stephanie & Elliott

The best day! We love them all! Jonathan Ellis was the dream photographer for us and captured it all perfectly for us! Plus he's an exceptionally lovely guy!

Alice & Sam  

One of the best photographers you could ever find, and such a great guy! Would recommend to anyone as Jonathan was perfect!

Yalinie & Nish  

First of all - WOW! We cannot thank you enough for that clip. The way you have captured the day is amazing! Thank you so much, we love it so so so much! We felt like we've just relived it whilst we were watching it.  Honestly, your work is outstanding and we appreciate the time and effort you have spent on the day and after. We are so lucky to meet someone who is so kind, patient and genuine.