Angie & Torben // Gothic Quarter Engagement - Barcelona Wedding Photographer

Gothic Quarter Engagement // During a recent trip to Barcelona for the Looks Like Film World Meet I took some time out to re-focus and charge my batteries. It's not often I get to wake up and not do anything - I'm sure we can all relate to that! 

On the final day of my trip I met Angie & Torben, it was literally a few hours before I was due to go to the airport to catch my flight home...

We wondered the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter and immediately clicked! They laughed, joked, ran and shared all those emotions that we do with our loved ones! 

We Made This... 

Two Thousand & Sixteen // London Wedding Photographer

2016 - Two Thousand & Sixteen - London Wedding Photographer

Well it's that time of the year feels like this post comes around more and more quickly with each passing year - I'm sure time is moving quicker!!

This has been a year of mixed emotions, some incredible high's and some difficult growing pains; I never like to focus on the negatives but view them as opportunities to grow.

I go into this year with a fresh mind, clear perspective and more hungry than ever to learn and grow!

Thank you to all the people that have helped me throughout this year...the list is too long to mention but they know who they are!